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Affinity Programs

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NHSA Members will have access to a number of Affinity programs which have been designed to either save your organization money or provide services which will enhance your organizations productivity and profitability.

NHSA is continuously evaluating new programs which we feel will meet these objectives.

At present, NHSA has agreements with organizations that provide the following products/services:

•Working Capital > Links to #1
•Office Supplies > Links to #2
•Health Care Related Services > Links to #3
•Cost Saver Programs > Links to #4
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#1 Working Capital
The Receivables Exchange – allows businesses to sell their receivables to a global network of institutional investors and access working capital in as little as three days. When you consider the typical remittance term of 48 days, or as much as 180 days, The Receivables Exchange is a welcome financial tool for small and mid-sized businesses.

•A minimum of $2 million in annual sales
•At least 2 years of operational history
•Registered to do business in the U.S.

Universal Funding – Providing “Personalized Factoring Solutions to Meet your Cash Flow Needs” Staffing companies benefit from factoring arrangements, as payroll must be paid out 30 days or more before the company gets paid. Universal Funding bridges the gap between invoice and payment with a personalized cash flow solution. They also provide accounts receivable management services that will free up hours spent invoicing and collecting payments.

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