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Since merging the Staffing Accreditation Standards Program with the mission, goals and objectives of the National Healthcare Staffing Alliance (NHSA), a terrific opportunity has presented to make the SAS Program better and even more user friendly. While it is our well documented efforts through SAS to create a level playing field, better communication and respect from the client base, and a healthy competition based on quality initiatives, we can still improve the processes to deliver those services.

As healthcare providers continue to seek ways to reduce risk and liability, utilizing credentialed healthcare staffing agencies is fast becoming an acceptable practice to validate that agencies are meeting standards of best practice. The quality, credentials and competency of healthcare supplemental professionals you provide to your client base is critical to their success and your partnership with them.

Our objectives are simple and straightforward - Third Party Oversight makes an organization better and more involved in how their processes work.

The improvements to the credentialing program include the introduction of a Member Only - Ten year credentialing plan that starts with a Full Accreditation Survey, interspersed with Annual Reports and Self Audits and culminating with another Full Accreditation Survey in year Ten.

The positive effects of Credentialing include:

  • Increases business opportunities
  • Enhances a higher level of service than competitors
  • Retains the best and most competent staff who want to work for employers committed to the best business practices in the industry, and perhaps most importantly,
  • Credentialing indicates a profound willingness to do what it takes to meet the client needs for service, credibility, and accountability.
Accreditation says to clients and employees that an agency is here for the long haul, especially a ten year commitment to excellence through credentialing. The SAS program is anxious to serve you, your clients, and your employees by helping you meet the requirements set forth in the standards and achieve greater success.

If you would like to learn more, please follow this link to the SAS Program Site: SAS